Please Welcome


Steven Falowski MD
to our brain and spine team

Dr. Falowski specializes in neuromodulation and spinal procedures and has been the course director of the annual NANS spinal cord stimulation/neuromodulation workshop
that is the largest training course of its kind. His journey that involves establishing a nationally recognized functional neurosurgery program that included a Pain Center, Movement Disorder Center, and neuroscience research division has led him here. We would like to welcome him to the Lancaster community and are extremely proud that he has joined our team.


Brain Disorders

Our neurosurgeons treat brain tumors, brain aneurysms, metastatic disease and other brain disorders that impact patients' ability to lead normal lives. 


Neck pain, back pain and spinal problems can be treated and eliminated through minimally-invasive treatments or surgery by our neurosurgical spine specialists. 

Alternative treatments

Relief from chronic join, neck or back pain can often be achieved with non-surgical pain management treatments and physical therapy.