Please bring the following information with you on your first visit with us...

  • Please bring all insurance cards with you so they may be copied for your permanent file.


  • For a Worker's Compensation claim or Motor Vehicle claim, bring the correct billing address, phone number, contact person, and claim number for the injury.

  • If a referral is necessary, please obtain one from your PRIMARY PHYSICIAN PRIOR to the visit and bring it with you. If you require a referral and do not have it with you at the time of your appointment, your appointment may need to be rescheduled.

  • Please bring X-ray or MRI films if there were any studies completed and you were asked to do so when you made the appointment.

  • Please be prepared to pay any co-pay due from your insurance according to your policy (sometimes indicated on your insurance card).


Healthcare Insurers

ARGIRES MAROTTI NEUROSURGICAL ASSOCIATES OF LANCASTER participates with most major healthcare insurers. If you are unsure whether we participate with your insurance carrier, please contact our office. We request that your copay be paid at registration, or we will have to reschedule your appointment.


Dr. Perry Argires, Dr. Louis Marotti
233 College Avenue Suite 201
Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: 717-358-0800
Fax: 717-358-0802In the event your stay spans across peak / off-peak times, off-peak rates apply.



Dr. Jarod John
233 College Avenue Suite 101
Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: 717-358-0800
Fax: 717-358-0802


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